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Zhang Xingbo

Vice President of CAO Group/President, NAFCO

Mr Zhang Xingbo, as Vice President of CAO, provides leadership and oversight on the global supply and trading businesses as well as the operations function of CAO where he also assists the CEO to manage the safety and operational risks of the Group’s global business activities. Concurrently, Mr Zhang is the President of North American Fuel Corporation (“NAFCO”) and is responsible for the overall North America country operations, overseeing the financial and reporting functions as well as the risk management function at NAFCO. He is also the Chairman of China Aviation Fuel (Europe) Limited, Deputy Chairman of China National Aviation Fuel TSN-PEK Pipeline Transportation Corporation Ltd and China Aviation Oil Xinyuan Petrochemicals Co., Ltd as well as a Director of NAFCO, and Oilhub Korea Yeosu Co., Ltd.

Mr Zhang has over 20 years of experience in the oil industry, having accumulated extensive experience in China National Aviation Fuel Group Limited’s (“CNAF”) procurement, trading and international business divisions in Asia Pacific and Europe. From 2011 to 2014, he was the Deputy General Manager of International Business at CNAF, where he was in charge of its overseas subsidiaries and the aviation business outside China. Prior to this role, he worked as Vice President at China Aviation Oil (Hong Kong) Company Ltd for more than 3 years, focusing on the expansion of the aviation marketing business. He was seconded to CAO as Deputy General Manager between June 2007 to June 2008, where he assisted in the management and operations of CAO. Mr Zhang started his career with China Aviation Oil Supply Corporation (the predecessor of CNAF) in 1993 where he was responsible for logistics coordination and procurement operations, specialising in the procurement of jet fuel imports to meet the needs of China’s civil aviation industry.

Mr Zhang holds a Bachelor and a Postgraduate degree in Arts (English major) from Lanzhou University. He is also an Associate Professor of Translation.