Vision, Mission & Strategy



To be a global top-tier integrated transportation fuels provider, constantly innovating and creating value for our shareholders, employees, business partners and the community.

  • To maintain our position as the preferred importer and most important supplier of jet fuel in the People's Republic of China
  • To be a global leading jet fuel supplier/trader and a well-known international trader/supplier of other transportation fuels
  • To maximize value for shareholders and to deliver and add value for customers through continuous innovation
  • To adhere to high HSSE standards and ensure that our operations are safe, reliable and efficient, with minimal impact on the environment.
  • To foster a people-oriented corporate culture of Fairness, Integrity, Innovation and Transparency where our people can grow and develop together with the company
  • To be a socially responsible company, proactively pursuing economic, cultural, educational and environmental initiatives


Jet fuel will remain the core business segment of the Group. With an entrenched presence in the jet fuel supply and trading markets in China and Asia Pacific, the Group intends to become a global leader for this product segment, through expansion of trading activities and developing our aviation marketing business in major markets around the world.

The Group has also identified fuel oil and gas oil as oil products where CAO has significant potential opportunities. CAO will build structural support for these product segments, which includes securing supply contracts to support trading activities and investing in synergetic assets.

Petrochemicals trading will remain an important complementary business of the Group and a key component of the Group's strategy to diversify into other oil products, as preliminary structural competitive advantage has been established in this business segment.

LNG and bio-jet fit well within CAO's strategy of developing further into transportation fuels. The Group will closely monitor developments in LNG and bio-jet and seek to participate in these markets when suitable opportunities arise.

In the next growth phase, we strive to sustain double-digit growth rates so as to target a twofold increase in volumes and profits by 2020 as compared to 2012.

  • A global leader in jet fuel supply and trading, a reputable global supplier and trader of other oil products, with a focus on transportation fuels
  • An important aviation fuel service provider at international airports
  • A niche player in the supply and trading of future sustainable transportation fuels such as liquefied natural gas (LNG)